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Banpresto Lab w/guest KENN

KENN’s turn for this confessional situation where he has to confess to a girl wearing a yukata to the upcoming fireworks show with the following lines of “I see you came in a yukata, huh…” KENN’s answer is! Note: They have to add a musical tone to their confession!

KENN: I see you came in a yukata, huh. I want to eat you up!! 

Suzumura Kenichi: Verdict is…

(Siren sound meaning “wrong”)

KENN: Ehh!! Wait a second there! This time I actually sung properly!

Aww. xD

Kenn always voices characters from otome games, no?

He voiced futo-chan from brothers conflict too. <3


Mamo: that’s all the members right?

Hiro-tan: nope. there’s still a lot. so let’s introduce them

Mamo: we’re doing it?

Hiro-tan: we won’t? let’s stop?

Mamo: yeah let’s stop.

HiroC: why don’t we look at it JUST FOR A BIT?

Mamo: ah yeah.

Hiro-tan: then.. just for a bit. we’ll look at it. just for a bit. Se~ no~ *raises character card* it’s Ono-san.

HiroC: Ahh… drop it.

Mamo: uwahahaha

HiroC: it’s okay.

Hiro-tan: okay.

xD I love mamoru’s laughing. <3

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